Diamond-shaped black and white clock

Nowadays people tend to prefer digital clocks instead of the old-fashioned ones. However there is something special about those ones that you can’t define. Time seems to pass more natural, plus they look more aesthetic on the walls. The type of clock that a person chooses to have in their home is a personal choice that nobody can judge. But if however you choose to have an old-fashioned clock, don’t think that it’s over. You’ll still need to choose from a lot of different shapes and sizes, not to mention colors.

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So you should at least take a look at this contemporary clock. It’s a diamond-shaped wall clock, half black and half white. It features red hands to show the time. A nice and elegant contrast of colors. It’s all you need. The dimensions are w 21” x h 16” and it functions with only 1 AA battery. Just stick with the basics, sometimes it’s the best option for 102$.