Cute Macramé Lighting Shade by Satelight

Macramé is a material that can help you create wonderful artistic designs for your house decorations, or even clothes. Many years ago, I used to know how to create such things. My mother and grandmother were the persons that showed me how I can use my own hands and imagination and create splendid things .Unfortunately all these decorative pieces are out fashion nowadays although they are very expensive outside our country.

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This cute Macramé Lighting Shade designed by Aussie company Satelight reminded me of all these things. Its diffuser woven from nylon rope creates a lovely ambiance .It is lamp shade that is perfect for small spaces as it creates a romantic atmosphere. The interesting thing about this Weaver light shade line is that is hand crafted by a macramé artist. It is an original and unique product which can become very precious to you.

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If you need to match it with certain interiors you must know that the Weaver macramé shade designs are available in black and red and measure 550mm in height and 270mm in diameter. Now it depends on your tastes and needs how to choose the best nuance that will suite you. Imagine what a lovely décor and ambiance you will get when you switch on the light!