Cozy bachelor loft makeover

Bachelor lofts, despite their bad reputation, can be surprisingly cozy and inviting. They need a lot of work to be done for that but it’s possible. This is the perfect example to illustrate this idea. This used to be a cold and empty bachelor apartment. All that changed when it got a much-deserved makeover. Let’s see how that went.

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The loft got a completely new look in just 1.5 months. The cost was $17K. The designer decided to focus on texture and color. The colors used are very masculine, industrial and bright. Still, the décor is warm and very inviting. As for the furniture, it was mainly custom designed. The pieces have been crafted from recycled parts. The designer opted for this type of materials in order to obtain an industrial look. However, the overall look still needed to be warm and cozy. That problem was solved using tarnished and rusted metals, old ceiling tins and various wood types.

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The lighting fixtures have also been carefully chosen. The designer wanted to find unique lighting fixtures to complement the salvaged items. The space needed to look industrial but not cold. In order to add texture, rugs were added along with accessories and beautiful art pieces. At the end, the loft got a completely new look, inviting, warm and cozy but still masculine. The key was to find the right style, materials and colors.{found on designsponge}.