Modern Penthouse Apartment Inside A Converted Church

There’s a place in London where once used to be an orthodox church. After being abandoned, the building was recently converted into an apartment complex. The church was partially converted into apartments and this is one of them. It’s one of the 13 apartments in the building and its interior was designed by VORBILD Architecture.

Penthouse apartment in church staircase and mezzanineView in gallery

The architecture studio responsible for this beautiful interior design is composed of specialists in various domains, all working together to improve the lives of their clients by reorganizing and optimizing the spaces they live in every day.

Penthouse apartment in church staircase and dining areaView in gallery

The apartment is situated close to the Beatles crossing as well as the Reagents Park. This puts it in a desirable location close to important landmarks and also gives it beautiful views. Given the history of the building, the space has an unusual shape, being semi-circular and having access to two towers.

Penthouse apartment in church dining areaView in gallery

This unusual shape of the living space made it difficult for the designers to decorate and organize the apartment. Initially, the apartment was divided by numerous doors and partitions. These were removed and an open floor plan was created. It includes the living space, the kitchen and the dining area.

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After clearing the space and joining all the small partitions into one big room, the designers also revealed the charm of the unusual form and curved walls. There was also one other feature that the designers took advantage of.

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The apartment had high ceilings and this allowed the team to give it a mezzanine level. Up here the master bedroom was placed. It sits above the kitchen on a curved steel platform. Even though most mezzanine bedrooms are small and a bit uncomfortable, that\s not the case here.

Penthouse apartment in church master bedroom ceilingView in gallery

Penthouse apartment in church master bedroom furnitureView in gallery

Because the apartment had high ceilings, the designers were able to squeeze in a full bedroom up here. It has a pitched roof and enough room for a double bed, a wardrobe with lots of storage inside and ceiling panels designed to integrate two skylights and to make the space feel cozy.

Penthouse apartment in church master bedroom skylight

A walnut and oak staircase connects the master bedroom to the open plan social area. This one is composed on a living room, a cozy dining space and a kitchen with stainless steel countertops and concrete tiles on the walls and backsplash. These are combined with light wooden furniture and flooring.

Penthouse apartment in church small bathroom vanityView in gallery

Penthouse apartment in church small bathroomView in gallery

The social zone is connected to two towers, one on each side. One of them can be seen to the left of the dining area which has an arched window and vintage chairs placed around a simple wooden table. Underfloor heating creates a warm and cozy ambiance throughout while also eliminating the need for unaesthetic heaters.

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Penthouse apartment in church bathroom wood accentsView in gallery

The two towers contain one bedroom each as well as some extra storage. they’ve both been completely redesigned to match the rest of the apartment.

Penthouse apartment in church bathroom tub TVView in gallery

Penthouse apartment in church bathroom tubView in gallery

Two bathrooms complete the apartment. One of them is small and has a wooden cabinet which hides the washing machine as well as some useful storage. The cabinet sits in a small nook and matches the vanity which in turn offers storage.

Penthouse apartment in church bathroom withtub vanityView in gallery

The other bathroom is larger and has a big tub, beautiful mood lighting and even a TV. Both bathrooms are clad in concrete and this one has a fully lit plexiglass ceiling.

Penthouse apartment in church bathroom with tub