Contemporary Kitchen Storage Systems

Kitchens are at the heart of family homes, but they are not just a food preparation area. In most homes, there will be space in a kitchen given over to domestic appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. As such, there can be a balance to strike between having an open, airy feel to your kitchen design and providing adequate storage for your food, cleaning products and kitchen equipment.

Contemporary recycled bins

After all, a well designed kitchen can be ruined visually, if much of the counter top space is given over to storing kitchen gadgets and devices because you have no space elsewhere. Make the most of the space available by checking out the latest in contemporary styled kitchen storage systems.

Recycling Bins.

Nowadays, having several bins for different sorts of wastes can take up valuable floor space in a kitchen. Three or four bins can also create an unsightly, cluttered look. However, stashing all of your recycling in one bin can make it a headache to sort out when it comes to putting it out for collection. Install a pull out multi-bin holder in one of your base level storage units.

Contemporary recycled bins1

Some of these are sold with a sliding chopping board above them, so it is easy to separate various forms of waste as you work in the kitchen. When it comes to putting your recycling out, the various glassware, metals and food wastes are ready to go in separate bins, but stored out of sight in the interim.

Make The Most Of Your Closets.

Closet organization

Design closet organization

Most fitted kitchens have storage units at base and eye level, for convenient access. The key to them is to not waste space inside. Install plenty of shelves within your units so that you minimize unused space. Double opening doors, with storage racks on the inside, mean that you can easily access the entire contents of a closet without having to move tins and jars out of the way to get to what you want. And sliding closet units can fit into the smallest of spaces, since they need no hinged door, making them ideal as a slim storage cupboard.

Counter Tops.

Kitchen islanddesign

Kitchen design

Make the most of your counter tops by installing some integrated storage units in them. Contemporary kitchen designers are hot on these sorts of storage systems. Pop up recesses can store many different things, but using one as a knife block is a good idea. Storing knives in a drawer can mean they become blunted over time. A counter top-accessed store for your measuring kit and scales is also a neat idea that will save space elsewhere.

Pantry Storage.

Modern kitchen storage

Walk in kitchen closet

Pantries are not old fashioned. If you have a contemporary kitchen, having a walk in food store, that you can close the door on, makes for an ideal storage solution. Fit out your pantry with plenty of shelving from floor to ceiling. Make sure your shelves can be removed, so that any spillages can be easily dealt with. If you have no room for a separate pantry, keep jars above your storage units with a ladder to access them.

Corner Units.

Corner storage kitchen1

Corner storage kitchen

Corner units are often the most difficult to access easily, so tend to be the place where you store the things that are used least often. However, a corner storage space also tends to be a large one. Make the most of the available space with hinged corner shelves, that swing forwards, so you can access everything easily and store it away without having to reach too far inside. Alternatively, a corner unit that slides out at 45 degrees makes for equally good solution to the difficult-to-use space created by a corner.


Modern kitchen shelving1

Modern kitchen shelving

Shelves take up wall space that would be better reserved for conventional storage units. However, shelves don’t have to be wall mounted. If you are pushed for wall space in your kitchen, use ceiling suspended shelving units. They are ideal for open plan kitchens which don’t have lots of walls to use for storing.

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