Contemporary duplex in Sydney by MPR Design Group

This imposing duplex is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It was a project developed by MPR Design Group  nd it was completed in 2011. The building covers a total area of 750 square meters. It incorporated two attached buildings, each with their own internal structure. In order to create a cohesive appearance between the two structures, a street elevation was designed. It features a white concrete frame elevated above street level with horizontal and vertical western red cedar infill timber privacy screens. On the other side of the building, a large cantilever roof has the same function.

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The duplex has large windows and a series of glass walls that separate the public areas from the splendid views of the city. There are also two large skylights on the upper level. They provide natural light while also allowing the inhabitants to admire the beautiful sky.

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The duplex uses energy-efficient LED lighting and an extensive photovoltaic array. In order to help with the illumination, the architects included in the design the large windows and glass panels. They serve both as a source of natural light from the outside and as an opportunity for the inhabitants to admire the landscape and the city.

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The lower level offers access to a yard. It includes a large swimming pool and an outdoor lounge area. It’s hard to determine whether or not the two buildings are separated or a single unit. However, they both have similar designs, a similar façade and they also share common spaces such as the pool. These are elements that give character to the duplex.