Contemporary Cottage by Garrison Architects

Today we would like to present you a gorgeous contemporary house designed by Garrison Architects. Located in Albion, Michigan, the Koby Cottage is a guest house that was created for families to use while visiting their children at Starr Commonwealth, a nonprofit organization that counsels troubled teens.

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This beautiful house presents two volumes that are connected by a glass enclosure. The rectilinear module forms are opened up to the outdoors through variations in glass and wall surface. The two modules are raised and separated for light, space and privacy. The plan of the cottage has an x form. The design is focused around the dining table that is situated at the structure’s crossing, creating a place for rejoining and discussion.

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But wait, that’s not all. The use of glass corners throughout the building creates a blurring between the space inside the house and the space of nature in which it is suspended. Also an open rooftop deck creates a direct connection with the outdoors. Furthermore the interior presents a modern design with chic furnishings and upscale stainless steel appliances.

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The Koby Cottage has a simple, clean design that will draw your attention. It offers splendid views, a high style and comfortable living spaces, a gorgeous house and a great cause.