Catalan Residence Conquers The Slopes And The Gorgeous Views

The beautiful region of Catalunya in Spain has some gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea and that’s where this contemporary residence can be found. The house was a project by Anna Podio Arquitectura, a studio established in 2003 and in a permanent search for new ways to develop public and residential projects and to adapt to the constantly changing world of real estate.

Modern residence in Catalunya black and white facade

The residence was completed in 2015 and its contemporary architecture adorns the landscape giving it a fresh touch and a lot of charm. The site enjoys a remote location and is situated in a small residential area with open views to the sea.

Modern residence in Catalunya architecture
Modern residence in Catalunya modern architecture

But while the beautiful views definitely make the site more enjoyable, the steep slopes and harsh Northern winds turned this whole project into quite a challenge. The architects responded to that with a simple design that embraces the landscape and the views.

Modern residence in Catalunya living room and terrace

The house was organized on two floors connected by floating stairs and has a 180 degree orientation towards the Mediterranean Sea, allowing its inhabitants to enjoy every moment from sunrise to sunset. The exterior of the building is interesting because it blends in and stands out at the same time.

Modern residence in Catalunya living room view of the sea

The facade is clad using white stone for the upper floor and black ceramic tiles for the lower level. This allows it to better merge with the surroundings and the vegetation, ensuring a natural transition and relationship between the building and the land.

Modern residence in Catalunya full-height windows
Modern residence in Catalunya floating stairs

Another structural element that connects the building to the views and surroundings is the infinity pool which, although quite small, brings the sea closer to the house. The pool is raised between the living room and the kitchen, offering both an interesting view with the sea in the background.

Modern residence in Catalunya kitchen view of the sea
Modern residence in Catalunya kitchen view

The full-height windows open the interior to the vast sea, ensuring an overall very peaceful and bright décor and ambiance. To maintain this fresh look, the designers used a light chromatic palette based on whites, blues and turquoise accents.

Modern residence in Catalunya bedroom
Modern residence in Catalunya bedroom decor

The white tiled floors are reminiscent of the smooth sand from the beach and the matching furniture highlights this breezy and casual look. Comfortable seating was placed in the proximity of the windows creating perfect spots for contemplating the views.

Modern residence in Catalunya infinity pool

The breezy and fresh color palette was also used in the bedrooms and all other rooms. In here the floors are smooth and white as well, the furniture is modern and minimalist and there’s a sense of serenity and peace throughout. The overall simplicity is complemented by the rich beauty of the sea and the surrounding vegetation, bringing color into the house.