A Businessman’s Apartment At The Limit Between Modern And Rustic

The apartment we’re about to analyze is situated on the last floor of an old four-story building in Sofia, Bulgaria. The neighborhood is near the city center and has a lot of small parks and gardens. The apartment takes advantage of that, capturing views of these green areas from every room.

Apartment H01 social area overview

The interior design was a project by DontDIY studio, a bureau founded in 2011 that specializes in architecture and design. Their initial three-man team was completed in 2014 when a fourth member was added to the group.

Apartment H01 living room balcony

The project’s name is Apartment H01 and the client is a businessman with a passion for travel and photography. Judging by the final result, the main requirement appears to have been the design of a contemporary private home infused with rustic elements in order to obtain a very inviting and, at the same time, fresh atmosphere throughout.

Apartment H01 living room closed wood doors
Apartment H01 opened wood doors

The open space kitchen, dining and living area occupies a large portion of the apartment. A large white bookcase build around a door hides the connection between the living area and the sleeping area. On the adjacent wall, a set of large wood panel doors separate this space from the study and the entrance hallway.

Apartment H01 living room bookcase

The low-hanging chandelier present in the living space definitely makes a statement. Although it’s unusual to see such an accessory in a room that doesn’t have a high ceiling, its use here is not totally out of place. In fact, the light fixtures becomes the focal point of the room in a rather original way.

Apartment H01 sofa and area rug

The combination of colors and textures used in this open social area is really nicely balanced. The wooden parquet flooring gives the space a warm and welcoming look while the chartreuse-colored sofa and the green and blue striped area rug add a fresh touch to the décor.

Apartment H01 kitchen staircase and storage
Apartment H01 kitchen staircase

The staircase that leads up to the attic space doubles as storage for the kitchen. Its vivid green color combined with the whitewashed exposed brick wall reflects the two major styles used in the renovation.

Apartment H01 dining area
Apartment H01 dining area

A darker shade of green is featured by the dining chairs. This accent color was chosen as a way to bring in some of the freshness visible through the windows of the apartment. At the same time, the wood and exposed brick complement the color palette in a natural and seamless way.

Apartment H01 bedroom decor
Apartment H01 bedroom brick wall

The sleeping area is small and simple. An accent brick wall adds a rustic touch to the overall minimalist and modern décor. The colors used here are neutral and the bed is positioned in such a way that it faces the window and allows a view of the trees.

Apartment H01 bedroom neutral colors

This space has its own bathroom as well as a wardrobe. The bathroom is especially interesting. It appears as if the parquet flooring continues onto one of the walls. The shower area features small tiles and a glass partition.

Apartment H01 en-suite bathroom parquet
Apartment H01 bathroom shower area

The layout of the apartment and its interior design are flexible, allowing multiple configurations to be adapted. The attic, for example, could become a separate sleeping area while the study could be converted into a bedroom for the kids.

Apartment H01 attic space