Conceal Bookshelf from Umbra

Floating bookshelves are not exactly new and there are now a lot of different building instructions for them. The book-keeper of Conceal umbra is almost invisible behind a stack of books. That is because it is carefully hidden so as to make the books seem to float. The bookshelf is designed by Miron Lior and is made of powdered coat steel and it has a special support that gets inside the book, right under the book hard cover.

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The designer is said to be “notable for the elegant balance he achieves between form and function, while keeping his pieces exciting and engaging”. The cover gets fixed in a special indentation and then you can stack up to ten books on top of this one. Conceal is easily mounted on the wall and occupies minimum space. The book holder is available in two different sizes – large and small books – available. You can now purchase it for €15 if you want to have a special bookshelf.