Complete Master Bath Makeover for $500

Renovating a bathroom is actually a very difficult process. It’s not as simple as redecorating a bedroom or a living room. In there you usually have to ask for help from a specialist and since most people usually have no idea how much bathroom furniture and fixture cost you end up with a fabulous price that in the end you have to pay.

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So let’s try to learn something from someone who actually knows what it’s like to renovate a bathroom. Here’s a project that involves a bathroom makeover with a cost a little over $500. That’s because the owners of this place understood the importance and the advantages of DIY items. Let’s take a look at the before and after pictures and see how exactly they managed to pull this off.

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This bathroom belongs to Stephen and Meredith Heard. It was in bad need of a makeover so the coupe decided to set an initial budget of $1000 for that. They also decided to so everything by themselves. They did everything from the board and batten walls to the shower curtains. It wasn’t easy but in the end they actually managed to save almost half of their money. It’s a spectacular project and it really shows what creativity and patience can lead to. This is a great inspiration source not only for bathrooms but for any other project.{found on curbly}