Comfortable Apartment in France

How exactly do you imagine an apartment from Paris? The usual image is that of a vintage space with an artistic interior, not a lot of color but still plenty and with complex detailing. But it’s one thing to imagine it and another thing to actually get to see and analyze a Parisian apartment. Let’s take a look at this one for example. It’s an apartment that would be wonderful for a couple.

Ensure a Comfortable Stay

Located in the heart of the city, this two-person apartment is quite charming. The location is wonderful. The apartment is close to restaurants, shops and it has plenty of other attractions within close proximity. With a total surface of 753 square feet, the apartment is small but it doesn’t look that tiny thanks to its interior décor.It has a spacious bedroom, a lovely bathroom and an overall inviting interior décor.

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 The living area seems like a very pleasant space. The white walls and the dark-stained wooden floor are the perfectly-balanced background. The rest of the décor is clean and modern. There’s a nice balance of color as well. The pink accents are refreshing and then same thing can be said about the yellow and green accessories. The artwork is lively and it creates colorful color points. The bedroom is very beautiful as well. The blue curtains are a very nice accessory and they complement the room turning it into a tranquil but also dynamic space.