Colorful Pencil Boxes To Beautify Your Desk With

Even though the era of sticky notes and old-fashioned files is over for some people, the old pen and paper combo is still the best option sometimes. Every desk needs a pencil holder. Don’t look at it just as a container for storing you writing instruments. A pencil box or pencil holder is more than that. It also serve as a beautiful and eye-catching accessory meant to beautify your work space.

colored rubber bands pencil holder tin

It’s easy to design your own pencil holder using things you already have such as a metal can and some colored rubber bands. This is the type of project anyone can do and you can even let the kids customize their own pencil holder for their desks. All you have to do is remove the top of the can and the label. Then place rubber bands around the can, making sure they lay flat. {found on thebasicmagazine}.

Toilet paper tubes pencil holder

You know those pencil holders with several compartments of different heights and widths? Those can easily be made out of PVC pipes or, even easier, out of empty toilet paper rolls. Of course, it will not look very pretty if you leave the rolls as they are. So wrap them in newspaper or maybe in some colorful and patterned paper. Then attach them together with glue. {found on morningcreativity}.

Colored porcelain mug

It would also be very easy to convert a simple mug without handle into a pencil holder. And since it wouldn’t really look special as it is, you could use washi tape and colored porcelain sharpies. You can use the tape as a guideline for creating a pattern on the mug or even as a decorative element. Found out more about this idea on madame-citron.

Wood bangle pencil holder

Large wood bangles/ bracelets used to be very popular at some point. They still are in some cases. But they’re not only great as a fashion accessory. If you put two or three of them together you can make a custom pencil holder perfect for your chic desk. On Makeandtell you can find a detailed description of this project together with a list of supplies you’ll need.

Vintage style pencil holder

If you want a pencil holder that looks vintage, maybe with a little bit of industrial charm, check out the idea offered on Mintedstrawberry. You’ll need a small tin planter, mason jars, spray paint in matte black, white acrylic paint, a stencil, sandpaper and a paintbrush. The planter is just a cover for the mason jar pencil holders that go inside it.

Straws pencil holder

A pencil holder can be just about any container that has the right size and shape. The secret is in the way you decorate it and make it look special. A fun idea is to use paper straws to decorate the outside of a simple metal can. You can cut the straws to give them different heights if you want and you can also alternate several different colors. {found on thisdesignjournal}.

Knit pencil holder

An empty metal can would also make a lovely pencil holder if it had a cozy. You can knit one for it. You’ll need yarn in a color that you like and a set of 2.5 mm DPNs or circs. You can find details about the project on Chocolatemintsinajar. It should be a pretty simple project which you can do in your spare time between tasks.

Twine and lace pencil holder

Whether it’s a glass jar or a metal can, turning one into a pencil holder is a matter of minutes if the strategy chosen is to decorate it with colored yarn or with rope/ twine. If you think it looks too simple that way, add a layer of lace around the center and a chic little ornament, just like shown on Thecreativeheadquarters.

Geometric clay pencil holder

A different option can be to make the pencil holder from scratch. For that you could use air dry clay. Roll a large piece into a ball and flatten it with a dome. Start pushing some pencils into the ball and twist them to make the holes a little larger. Take them out and let the clay dry overnight. Using a sharp knife or cutter, cut away chunks at random angles until you get a geometric patter. Let the clay dry a few more days. {found on linesacross}

Concrete DIY pencil Holder

There’s also the option to use concrete to make a sturdy pencil holder. You’ll need a plastic mould and a drill. Mix your concrete into a paste and pour it into the mould. Let it set for 24 hours. Mark out the spots where you want the holes to be and then slowly drill into the concrete block. San down the edges. It’s important to use the right drill bit to make the holes just the right size for your pencils. Also, try to make the holes as straight as possible. The project is featured on Fallfordiy.