Classic White Interior Kitchen Design

Vibrant, crisp, clean and sharp: A kitchen with white interior design is undoubtedly an ideal setting irrespective of the fact, whether you prefer contemporary or classic, rustic or urbane.  The use of white color does not only make the area airier and bigger, but also provide a clean canvas to efficiently showcase other relevant elements in order to create a functional, enchanting and inviting kitchen. Printed fabrics appear more vibrant, wood finishes appear rich against white, and the lighting fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers are allowed to stand out as a focal point of the room against the neutral white backdrop.

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As white is a neutral cool shade, there is oodles of decorating designs for decorating the kitchen with the shade ranging between contemporary and classic.

There is nothing as elegant as dressing the entire kitchen in the white shade. Some people find the look to be sterile, but this is not the case. A kitchen can be easily designed in complete white by playing with textures or designs and completely avoiding colors. For instance, you may choose pristine white tiles featuring raised or deep designs for the backsplash area. White net curtains with intricate laces, clear glass or frosted cabinet doors, and a self designed china collection displayed on the shelves will lend a lot of character to the space. Alternatively, you may also employ different shades of white such as off-white, cream and ivory for accessories and linens.

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Another impressive white interior design for the kitchen is to use the theme – black and white. Stainless steel appliances and silver accents can be used to make the room dramatic. Check board patterned tiles may be used for the backsplash area as well as the floors. Black and white photographs and white roses in black vases can be used to highlight the theme further and make the room inviting. As lighting plays a major role in interior design, it should be optimally involved. Black or Silver crystal pendants and chandeliers will jazz up the décor.

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White interior designs also look good when blended with one accent color. Pink, purple, red and green are few options that may be selected. The accent color can be easily introduced in the room by way of decorative accessories, linens, fabrics, towels and other types of art work.