Classic mid century and modern interior design

The house is extraordinary beautiful. With a pure, modern design, the home is a representative one to the Scandinavian design. The live colors in the place are making you smile. I also like, in some rooms, the combination of white (walls, floors and ceiling) with black modern objects. The lines of the furniture, which includes the lamps and the chandeliers, keep the same style but all together they work in keeping the place very modern.

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The big window in the living room is making the place glow. The living room is a great room for reading a book or socializing with friends. What I like the most about the room is the bookcase, I’ve always loved bookcases that combines books with decorative objects. The bookcase is the only thing that keeps the room alive and happy.

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I also like the chairs, with the chrome feet, they are making the place look chill and relaxed. I love this place with all my heart, it has the best furniture I’ve ever seen, and the best color combination in many apartments I’ve seen. The dining room is also one of them, with a beautiful egg shaped table in the middle of the room, with great designed chairs. In this room the modern combines with the classic, and it goes very well.

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One of my favorite chairs in the house is the white with colored one with feet that looks like skis. I think it is very beautiful to seat on it, your mind will go to ‘Wild Texas’ you know with the ball of hay that passes your property.{found on bolig}.