Claire Leger’s Apartment Renovation

When you move into a new apartment the first thing that catches your attention is the color of the walls. It doesn’t really matter if they were just painted, in the emptiness on the house they look, in the best case, dull. Seeing an empty interior a tremendous amount of ideas come through you head, but unfortunately not everything you like will fit with the given space and not to mention that you don’t have a lot of error margins to fool around.

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So the first rational thing to do and the exact same thing Claire did is to gather all the ideas, discuss them and the best project, unanimously liked will be implemented. So if before the place looked like a cheap hotel room, with beige and cream walls not it’s bright on one hand and in the bedroom what I think is a combination of brown, red, purple or something like that.

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It’s interesting and it contrasts beautifully with the impeccable white doors and window sills. The floor received also a little bit of waxing and buffering to look spotless and shiny. If you imagine that a lot of money were spent redoing this one-bedroom apartment you’re wrong. Everything was made by Claire’s boyfriend, with salvaged wood from surrounding worksites and a few pieces from IKEA. Now this small apartment reflects entirely the new owner’s personality and spirit. From the photos on the fridge to the shelving units, everything looks brand new.{found on designsponge}.