Circus-Themed Nurseries: Ideas & Inspiration

It’s nursery time! What theme is fun, playful, stimulating, youthful, joyous, hilarious, entertaining, magical and perfect for a baby? Well, it’s a circus-themed nursery of course.

The animals, the colors, the sounds, the imagination … it all makes for a very creative and educational atmosphere. And it’s fun to decorate too! And, trust us, there are more ways than using just primary paint colors to design these beautiful nurseries. Obviously, these rooms can be bold with bright colors. But did you know that they can also be vintage or subdued? Well, here are some quick tips and tricks to get you started and on the right path to decorate your baby’s very own circus-themed nursery!

1. Mix and match everything.

Circus nursery2

The circus is all about the fun, the weird, the eclectic heaps of the odd and entertainment. So, why not highlight that in decor? Use playful colors like bright pinks and yellows for the little ladies or reds and greens for the little fellows. Mix confetti-ed patterns with animals and throw in as many shapes as you can!

2. Vintage inspired atmosphere.

Circus nursery2

The saturated colors. The flag banner. The lights. Bring back bits and pieces of the past by using more subdued shades and adding vintage pieces. Antique nick-knacks, stuffed animals paired with here and there wall art. These pieces need to not overdo the circus theme but instead make subtle hints and nods at all the fun. This choice is more calming for baby.

3. Must-have wall murals.

Circus nursery2

Murals are where the magic happens. Whether you want it done by hand or find some handy-dandy wall decals, a mural (big or small) is an absolute must in a room that’s inspired by the circus! It’ll be great stimulation for baby and definitely mark the atmosphere as a one of a kind room.

4. Canopy tents, o my.

Circus nursery2

Whether you’ve painted it to the ceiling or evoke it using a bed canopy, you must have a big top tent! It’s quintessential circus and it’s the most playful part of the room. Transform the space by actually feeling like your in the tent getting ready for the show.

5. Funky furniture of course.

Circus nursery2

Here’s where you can really get creative. Using an old popcorn or cotton candy machine to store toys or stuffed animals. Or use a wagon and stuff it with (almost) life-size animals. Evoke the spirit of the circus by adding hints everywhere. A monkey here, a monkey there … it’ll be fun for everyone.