Chic Modern Attic Apartment With Exposed Beams

Usually the problem with attic apartments is that, even though they can be very spacious, they don’t seem that large because of the roof. But, if you know exactly the type of décor that you want to create, you can easily surpass that problem and use everything to your advantage. Take this lovely attic apartment for example. The slanted roof is not a problem. In fact, the rooms seem very airy and spacious.

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In order to achieve that look, the designer painted the walls crisp white. This way the background will always be bright and neutral despite the architectural details. The apartment has an open floor plan. The living room and the kitchen are one and the same space. of course, they each have their limitations. The bar is a room divider but it does that without obstructing the views in any way. This way the room remains open and airy.

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As you can see, all the walls are white. This sometimes creates a cold atmosphere. But in this case the décor is very well balanced. The oak floors have a beautiful finish and they add warmth into the rooms. Also, the exposed beams have the same finish and color so continuity is created in the décor. A small dining area was created close to the sliding doors lead to the terrace. The views are not extraordinary but they improve the décor.

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The bedroom is actually quite small but it features the same minimalist, white and brown décor. The bed is positioned under the skylight and, since there are no large windows to let light in, the brightness of the walls is a very nice detail. There’s also a second bedroom and it has a similar interior design. The rest of the apartment was designed to match the main lines of the décor.{found on Per Jansson}.