Chic interior designs featuring leopard print accents

Every interior needs a focal point and some accent features. It also needs color and texture. Some elements are more suited for this purpose than others and they tend to become very popular because of that. The leopard print is a very tricky element because, if used excessively, it can completely turn a stylish interior into a kitschy composition. It’s why it also got a bad reputation in some cases. Here are some examples of how you can correctly use this beautiful print.

1. Leopard print rug.

Leopard officeView in gallery

The rug or the carpet, even though it sometimes covered the entire surface of the floor, is still an accent piece. It’s why people often use rugs as a means of introducing color and texture into their homes. A leopard print rug can be a chic detail and it can be matched with simple and classical elements. In this case the transition between the print to the wooden furniture and the burgundy curtains is smooth and quite natural.{picture from site}.

2. Leopard print upholstery.

Leopard chair livingView in gallery

A piece of furniture can also be a beautiful accent piece. For example, this armchair features a bold print that matches beautifully with the rest of the décor and the furniture. The colors are also great because they are also found in other pieces such as the golden mirror frame or the artwork from the walls. The black piano also creates a nice background.{found on site}.

3. Another beautiful armchair.

Leopard chair living1View in gallery

This is a similar armchair, featuring the same print and a similar design. It has an antique look accentuated by the delicate lines and the carefully carved details. This time the frame has a nice golden finish to match the print and it’s an interesting accent piece in what seems to be a rather modern living room.{found on site}.

4. A colorful home office.

Office leopardView in gallery

Even though this office area already features several different colors, the leopard print from the chair is actually a very chic touch. The turquoise walls, the yellow curtains and all the other colorful details don’t interfere with the print of the armchair and this way the room can have both color and texture. Also, the dark frame of the chair creates a balanced contrast{found on site}.

5. Leopard print stool.

Leopard bedroomView in gallery

A stool or ottoman is not considered a basic piece of furniture but rather an accent piece. It’s why they are elements that can be sued to introduce color, texture and print into a décor. In this case we have a modern and classy room with a warm palette of colors. It’s why that stools integrates so well into the décor. It creates a very chic focal point.{found on site}.

6. Matching accessories.

Leopard day roomView in gallery

Besides the stools and the rug, the decorative pillows are elements that are very commonly seen as accent pieces. They are used as accessories and they can reintegrate a certain print or color into a décor in a subtle and yet visible way. In this case we have a series of matching stools and pillows that almost disappear into the décor because of the color palette.{found on site}.

7. Chic kitchen chairs.

Kitchen leopard chairsView in gallery

In the kitchen it’s quite difficult to introduce the leopard print. The classical elements such as the rug, the pillows or the lamps are inexistent here so you have to focus on something else. In this particular kitchen we have a very beautiful balance of colors. Notice how the countertop sets the tone for the chairs and allows them to be less invasive and to elegantly become a part of the décor.{found on site}.