Challenging New York Apartment

This apartment is located in New York, United States. It’s a very simple apartment, in fact a little too simple. That’s because its owners wanted a futuristic home where everything could be hidden away, where they could go recharge their batteries and feel like they’ve traveled in time, more exactly in the future.

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The apartment was a project by Dash Marshall LLC Architecture. It’s situated in a building that dates back to the 1960s and that was designed by IM Pei. The entire apartment is white. This was the color that the owners wanted and also the one that best suited the design they opted for. Another very interesting thing about this apartment is that almost all its furniture and fixtures are hidden. These elements are practically invisible, being hidden inside the walls or behind white panels. This makes the apartment feel almost empty.

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The interior of the apartment is very smooth and linear. It’s like a big white capsule. Here the space that was available was exploited to tis maximum capacity. The apartment has everything it needs and there’s a lot of free space in it. It’s like it’s not even furnished. This was a great use of the space and the design team managed to make the most out of the 715 square feet they had to work with. The interior of the apartment is very flexible and it was designed for the owners’ specific needs.