Café Liberty Interior Design by SHH

Café Liberty is a restaurant located on the second floor on London’s iconic Liberty department store on Regent Street. The place was originally built in 1924 using the timbers from two ships: the HMS Impregnable and the HMS Hindustan. The restaurant has been redesigned by SHH. It was a tight-budget project, even more difficult considering its location. The restaurant has been re-integrated into the spirit of the original Arts & Crafts building using a series of vintage elements combined with contemporary pieces.

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Some of the new elements that could be mentioned here are the reclaimed 1920s doors, a 1920s Arts & Crafts washstand, the reading desk and mahogany cabinet, the hand-blocked wallpaper and a series of reclaimed glass lights and three neon flying ducks designed by SHH’s lead designer on the project, Helen Hughes.

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The idea was to make the restaurant a part of the building, to give it an authentic look but to also make it stand out by adding striking new elements. The floor also got a new look and it was stained to dark wood in order to match with the original dark timbers. The lighting was also a challenge. The original fittings swinging from the ceiling track were not what the designers had in mind.

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They were replaced with discreet, directional spotlights. The new decorations include new paintwork for panels and columns, in a strong and contemporary mid-dark grey. As a result, the restaurant is now a harmonious combination of vintage and contemporary elements.