12 Beautiful Ways To Bring Orange Accents Into Your Home

Orange is a vibrant and cheerful color but we don’t often see it being used in interior design and decor. Although it’s easy to get carried away or to opt for the wrong shade of orange, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from using this color in their home. There are lots of beautiful ways to decorate with orange and to integrate this color into any room of the house. We’ll go over some of the ideas right now.

Bathroom furniture with orange stripsView in gallery

Orange is best used as an accent color. You can see it here being included into the design of this modern bathroom vanity where it goes really well with the wooden finish and the white sink and countertop. A furniture piece such as this one can be complemented by matching accessories in a similar accent color, such as a rug, a pendant lamp, etc.

Orange wall painted dippedView in gallery

Orange can also be a great color for an accent wall. If you feel like painting the entire wall orange would be too much, consider only painting a portion of it. In fact, a really cool idea is to paint the wallpaper to create a modern and casual design.

Bedroom featuring orange beddingView in gallery

In areas like the bedroom you can easily add accent colors and customize the decor very often by using different bedding sets. This means the main design and decor of the room can rely on simple and neutral colors which go well with just about any accent color including orange.

Orange velvet dining chairsView in gallery

In the dining room you can add orange chairs to brighten up the space. Since orange is a warm color it will also make the room feel more inviting plus it will look great in combination with all types of wood. Keep the rest of the room simple to avoid making it look too busy.

Orange curtains large wallsView in gallery

The curtains are also a really great option for adding color into a room. Hang orange curtains in the living room to create an eye-catching backdrop for the seating area. It’s similar to painting an accent wall but it’s less permanent, since you can more easily swap the curtains or open and close them thus controlling how much color the room has.

Bedroom with orange wallView in gallery

Darker shades of orange are not as vibrant and bold as the brighter ones are which means you’re not limited to using them in small quantities. You could even paint one or more walls of a room in this color without it looking odd.

Dining room table in round shape with orange chairsView in gallery

Here’s another beautiful example of how you can use orange in the dining room. Pair this accent color with darker nuances to create elegant and refined decor and work with different nuances and finishes to create a diverse yet still homogenous design.

Grey large l shaped sofa with orange pillowView in gallery

Some colors such as grey pair beautifully with orange. They bring out the beauty in each other and they’re a really great match. Since grey is very popular in a lot of modern and contemporary interior designs, introducing little bits of orange should be quite easy.

Tufted velvet small couch in orangeView in gallery

There’s also the option to create an eclectic, multicolored decor for areas such as the living room for example. Orange can be one of the nuances used, in combination with other warm colors such as red and orange but also with cooler nuances such as purple or blue.

Orange side table with round shapeView in gallery

A little pop of orange in the form of a small accent table or a lamp is enough to cheer up the room. Too much orange evenly distributed throughout the space can seem forced and wouldn’t really make the room look or feel particularly inviting and comfortable.

Living room from Poltrona Frau with orange carpetView in gallery

Another nice idea is to rely on an area rug to introduce more color into the room. A large and brightly colored rug can quite easily overwhelm the room so consider choosing a more faded nuance instead. It will still stand out but it won’t be too eye-catching, allowing you to use similar accent colors in other forms as well.

Orange comfrotable lounge chairs for living roomView in gallery

When using orange or another powerful accent color in your interior design keep in mind the big picture and the way in which this color interacts with the rest of the space. The room should feel balanced and the distribution of the colors should feel natural.