Bright and elegant apartment in Lisbon featuring silver finishes

This beautiful apartment is located on the banks of Tagus in Lisbon. It’s a very elegant apartment that was designed by Portuguese studio SA & V. Overall, the apartment has a very well-balanced palette of colors. The main colors are neutral and they are complemented by colorful additions that differ with every room. There are also charming silver finishes that can be seen for example on the ceiling or the paneled doors of the hall.Each room has a different look. The hallways and the dining room have marble floors. As for the furniture, there are some very beautiful antique insertions all over the apartment.

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The interior is very bright and filled with natural light. The apartment has been beautifully renovated and it currently features a very fresh and elegant interior design.

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The fact that this apartment is stylish, elegant and chic is visible from the pictures. However, what you might not see is the fact that this design is also very functional and practical. The internal structures and distribution of the rooms is modern and there is total visual communication between rooms. The areas are separated by large doors. The overall décor is modern and sophisticated. His can be seen anywhere you look. The colors sued are serene and very beautiful. They have been carefully chosen to match the rest of the décor and to also serve as a chic background for the contemporary art pieces that can be seen in almost every room.

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This is an apartment with great personality. It’s stylish and refined, with elegant furniture and with beautiful details all over the place. It has marble floors, antique furniture mixed with modern elements, large windows and doors and a sophisticated but serene atmosphere throughout.{found on nuevo-estilo}.