Book The Batman Hotel Room for $50 Per 3-Hours

If you are a big Batman fan you can book the Batman Room from Eden Hotel’s Batman suite in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.The price is a little expensive, it costs $50 per 3-hours.Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Ninja Tortoise are heroes that enchanted every little boy’s childhood. Usually, these super heroes represent models for our daily life. They have many qualities and some of them even have superpowers. They are strong, are looking good, have the ability to fly or jump from high buildings or climb on huge constructions. They are fearless, generous and ready of action at any time.

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Batman Room has the symbol of “bat” on every piece of furniture. The huge bed has the shape of a bat, the mirrors look the same. When you enter this room you have the feeling that Batman actually lives here. If you want to feel like a super hero then you should try to explore and spend some moments in this room.