Bicycles – Interior Design And Storage Ideas

If you have an eclectic taste when it comes to interior design, using an everyday object and making a feature of it can make for a bold statement. If you store a bicycle or two in the home, they can be a bit of a nuisance unless you have a dedicated storage space for them. A good idea of combining the two is to make the bicycle a part of the interior design itself.

Bike hanger

Storing bikes, so that they are also on show, makes a virtue of what is a necessity. If you have a garage, storing your bicycles there may be the more obvious choice, but you should also consider how they can be set out of the way, or in such a manner that you can easily maintain them. Stop pedalling the same old interior design themes and go for something new in your chosen room’s design, like a bicycle, instead.

Out Of The Way?

Kids bedroom design

Bicycles tend to be shoved into passageways and are likely to get in the way. Either the handlebars poke out, making it difficult to get around, or the bike gets nudged into and falls over. Don’t let storing your bicycle in your home get you down. By installing a simple pulley system with grab hooks that go under the saddle and the handlebars, it is quite easy to lift your bike out of the way.

Modern entry way bike hangers

Wall bike hangers

You need never squeeze past it in a corridor, or pick it up in a hallway, again. There are some kits that you can buy that do the job, but it is not hard to fabricate your own, if you have some DIY know how. Kids love this look in a bedroom, for instance. An alternative, out-of-the-way but-on-display, look is created by a simple S-hook that means you can suspend your bicycle from the front wheel. Hang the bike up from a ceiling rafter or install a ledge high against a wall, to do the job.

Recycled Cycles.

Bike bathroom design

Old bicycles deserve a new lease of life. A spray paint job on a bike that is no longer of any use, will make it a great addition to a garden and can act as an interesting feature, especially if you are waiting for planting to mature in a particular area. Another bright idea is to offer an old bicycle a second life as a piece of furniture. Why not use one from a junk yard and convert it into a slim line table or a pedestal for a hand wash basin? Allow your imagination to free wheel.

Bike Art.

Bike art display

Bike wall mural

Framed bike pictures

Simple wall decoration

Bicycle lovers should show off their passion for two wheeled transport in their home in some way. Even if your bikes that are used are stored outside of the living accommodation why not wall mount a bicycle as a sculpture in its own right? If that is a bit too much for your taste, bicycles still make great subjects for more traditional artwork. Even a model or a stylised photograph can unify a room if you have given it a bicycle based theme.

Garage Store.

Garage bike storage

These days, wall storage systems are the trendy solution for housing all sorts of things in your garage in a systematic way. A wall mounted storage facility will keep your cycling gear out of the way, so you can actually use your garage to park in, and means that you are ready to go as soon as you saddle up. Eye level storage racking is ideal if you like to tweak your bike to get the maximum performance out of it, because it will enable you to work at a convenient height.

Under The Stairs.

Understairs bike storage


The space under a stairwell is seldom used efficiently in many homes. Why not turn yours over as a dedicated place to store bikes? Leave the stairwell open so that is easy to get your bike in and out of the space.

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