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The Best Alcohol-Based Markers Can Level Up Your Art Game

Ever heard of alcohol-based markers? If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place as we go into detail on which alcohol-based markers are the best for creating art. If you’re an artist who’s worked with these kinds of markers, then you already know how great they are. But you might not know which markers are the top-of-the-line brands and all the different projects you can do with them.

Best Alcohol-Based MarkersView in gallery

We have a range of information within this article that will go over some of these art projects that you can do with these types of markers. Including the best kinds of markers, you can buy today. Whatever you plan to do with your markers, the bold and vibrant shades and interesting textures will make any art project that much more interesting.

Alcohol-Based Makers VS Water-Based Markers

The difference between alcohol-based and water-based markers is their strength and permanence. Alcohol-based markers are permanent, where water-based markers are not. Water-based markers can be washed off with water, where alcohol-based markers will be a lot harder to take off. You would need something very strong, like acetone, to remove alcohol-based markers, and this just might fade the mark instead of actually removing it.

Alcohol-based markers are also much more vibrant than water-based markers, since these are typically used on surfaces other than just paper. You can use alcohol-based markers on ceramics, wood and even some glass, where water-based markers are best suited for paper projects.

What We Love About Alcohol-Based Markers

  • Super vibrant
  • Permanent
  • Be used in many different projects
  • Can be used on paper
  • Usually comes with a maker blender to blend colors

What We Don’t Like About Alcohol-Based Markers

  • Have a strong smell
  • Will bleed through paper and stain workspaces
  • Pricier than water-based markers
  • Permanent

What are the Best Brands for Alcohol-Based Markers?

Some of the best brands for alcohol-based markers include Caliart, Ohuhu, Keebor, Artify and YOMA. These brands are exceptional at providing you the most vibrant markers you can find, and their kits are so extensive that you can see all the primary colors.

As well, they have other elective colors and even a blender marker to make these colors as light or dark as you prefer. These blender markers also level up your artworks by their ability to blend in and out of frames and create more dramatic effects along the edges.

Key Features to Look for in New Alcohol-Based Markers

No alcohol-based marker is created equal, so here are just a few key things that you should look into before purchasing your brand-new set of markers.

Color and Color Range

Most markers come in a set, but you are going to need to decide if you want a set with secondary colors as well as primary colors, or if you are ok with a set that is just primary colors if it comes with a blender marker. A blender marker can help feather out and blend colors, but a huge set with secondary colors will provide you more vibrant colors on their own. The larger the set, the higher the range will be.

Dry Time

Since these markers are super permanent, the dry time can be a bit longer than other markers. If you’re ok with the vibrant, permanent color of alcohol-based markers, then the dry time will just have to run a bit longer. They need a longer dry time due to their super permanent and highly pigmented colors. But they’re amazing for doing crafts like baked Sharpie plates.

Grip Type

Grip type is important because you don’t want your hand to be uncomfortable while drawing or have your markers slip around in the middle of an important project. Most of these markers are ergonomically designed so you won’t have to worry about your hand getting tired or the markers slipping off your workspace as these tend to be designed with texture around them.

Tip Types

While most markers have dual tip options, you are going to need to decide if a dual tip is the right marker for you. They do sell these markers with a single tip, but that will limit your range of creating fine and thicker lines. Dual tip markers are a very popular choice due to the ease of going back and forth from thick lines to think lines or points.


The larger your set, the higher the price is going to be for your markers. If you want a very large set with all primary and secondary colors, that’s great! Just make sure that you are ready to make that investment.

Smaller sets will come with primary sets and maybe a blender marker, but you will not have the range that a larger, more expensive set can give you. Always check out what price range you are comfortable with before diving into the larger sets.

5 Best Alcohol-Based Markers

We have found the top 5 best alcohol-based markers you can buy in today’s art world. These markers range in type, shades, and capability, but overall, you get to choose just how to make these markers live up to all the hype.

From interesting art projects to creative glass works, you simply can not go wrong with these amazing markers and once you see all you can do with them, the possibilities will be absolutely endless.

Caliart 40 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers

Caliart 40 Colors Dual Tip Art MarkersView in gallery

Caliart dual-tip markers are great for drawing, highlighting, or creating all types of illustrations. They’re permanent markers that are smudge proof and waterproof and will work on most surfaces. Works great on paper, ceramics, plastic or even glass.

Can be used on either side as they are dual tipped, so you have a broad tip on one end and a finer tip on the other end that is ideal for tracing or highlighting. You can write in both thick and thin lines and create all sorts of artistic accents to any type of illustration, sketch, or pattern. Note that they will bleed through regular paper so you must be careful to use thick or broad paper underneath, so you won’t stain your table or work surface.

These are the best markers for crafting!

A set that comes with color coded caps and a bonus case so you can store your markers neatly and keep everything as organized as possible. This will help you find the exact color you need as quickly as possible.

Also included is an ergonomically designed case that will also protect your markers or make it easy to store them and travel with them without having them spill all over the place. These are highly vibrant markers that will last without having to worry about smudging or fading over time. Add beautiful dimension to your projects or make an ideal gift for the artist in the family.

Things to Note

  • Quantity: 40 markers
  • Color Range: Bold, vivid colors
  • Tip Type: Set comes with both fine and broad tips on opposing ends
  • Style: Water resistant, alcohol-based

Ohuhu Markers Alcohol Based Double Tipped Art

Ohuhu Markers Alcohol Based Double Tipped ArtView in gallery

These Ohuhu markers are some of the most highly rated alcohol-based markers you can find online right now. Ideal for both children and adults and they come with 40 unique colors and even one colorless alcohol marker blender to help blend colors into each other and create a more intense artistic landscape.

A set that also comes with a case so you can keep all your markers in the same place. These markers are also dual sided, so you have a chisel end on one side of the marker and a fine tip on the other side of the marker. This will help you to achieve broad and thin strokes within your art projects.

These are the top rated alcohol markers!

You can easily highlight and underline for added artistic effect with these markers and create various styles and sketches with ease. These are highly pigmented markers that are made to last and won’t fade. They’re designed to blend beautifully and will add so much more dimension into your artworks.

Also, they’re fast drying and easy to layer so you can layer on top of other colors to achieve even more dynamic in color blending. We definitely recommend that these make a great gift or be a great addition to your art studio.

Things to Note

  • Quantity: 41 markers
  • Color Range: Vibrant, vivid colors
  • Tip Type: Set comes with both fine and broad tips on opposing ends, also comes with a marker blender
  • Style: Fast drying, alcohol-based

Keebor Premium 80+1 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Art Markers

Keebor Premium 80+1 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Art MarkersView in gallery

Keebor premium markers come with 80 dual tip alcohol markers and one lender marker. A set that comes in a simple design but stable quality that are professional art grade. The vibrant colors come in a double ended permanent markers so you can use a finer tip on one side and a thicker tip on the other. We love how they’re highly pigmented markers which are great for fashion design, coloring, drawing, sketching, illustrating and even cartooning.

These alcohol-based markers have the best grip!

With a fine bullet point tip and chisel tip, it makes them incredibly accurate for line control and creates superior color blending. They can offer you the same precision as a paintbrush due to the smooth color blending.

You can create thin and thick lines with ease. They’re also ergonomically designed so you won’t tire from using the markers and these markers will not roll off the table in the middle of an art project.

Things to Note

  • Quantity: 80 markers
  • Color Range: Vibrant, vivid colors
  • Tip Type: Set comes with both fine and broad tips on opposing ends, also comes with a marker blender
  • Style: Fast drying, alcohol-based

Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Marker Set

Artify Artist Alcohol Based Art Marker SetView in gallery

A set of alcohol-based markers from Artify features a full set of colors with dual-tipped markers that comes complete with a carrying case for easy transport. This marker set comes with 40 vibrant colors with a unique white color that can be used to blend darker colors to create a more extensive color palette.

It’s a set that comes with all of the primary colors so you can draw, write, sketch, illustrate and color with ease knowing that all your colors are there and ready for you to use. These markers have an easy grip so you hand will not tire, and you can achieve the best grip possible so your hand will not slip at all when using.

This is the best marker set for your money!

They have a dual tip so you can use one end for the broader side and the other end for the fine tipped side. Why is that great? Because it will help you to create various styles, sketches, and patterns with the utmost accurate line control. These are perfect for color blending and flexibility.

The ink within these markers is meant to create fluid, smooth and uninterrupted lines. All of these can be packed into the convenient carrying case so you can take your markers on the go and store them for traveling.

Things to Note

  • Quantity: 40 markers
  • Color Range: Multicolor, vibrant colors
  • Tip Type: Set comes with both fine and broad tips on opposing ends, also comes with a marker blender
  • Style: Waterproof, alcohol-based

168 Colors Alcohol Based Markers set

168 Colors Alcohol Based Markers setView in gallery

YOMA alcohol-based markers come with a dual tip so you can seamlessly go from a bold tip to a fine point one in seconds. These pens are permanent markers that comes with a colorless blender marker so you can add more depth into your work.

It comes in 168 colors so you can e sure that you are getting all colors possible. The blender marker will make it easier to create more accent to colors or help you create a whole new color altogether.

Best alcohol-based markers for beginners!

We love these markers because they are great for beginners or professional artists as these markers are inexpensive yet go on paper smoothly and precisely. The fine bullet point and chisel tips are great since you can use one side for narrow illustrating and the other side for thicker lines.

Bonus! This marker set comes in a case, so you won’t have to worry about losing your markers or having them scattered all about the table or workspace. The case zips up easily and even comes with a carrying strap so you can easily take this marker set with you while traveling.

Things to Note

  • Quantity: 168 markers
  • Color Range: Multicolor, vibrant colors
  • Tip Type: Set comes with both fine and broad tips on opposing ends, also comes with a marker blender
  • Style: Waterproof, alcohol-based

Art Inspiration Using Alcohol-Based Markers

So now that you know which markers are the best in the business, now you can see what kinds of fun projects you can do with them. These projects range to show you just what kinds of art you can come up with. Of course, every artist’s style is very different, but these images are great to use to demonstrate the artistic capabilities of alcohol-based markers.

Klaus Jesper

Best Alcohol-Based MarkersView in gallery

Klaus Jesper, also known as Jesper Johannsson, stars in the movie “Klaus.” This artwork by little-ampharos on Deviant Art shows you just how in-depth you can make your artwork with these types of markers. From the bold blue of Klaus’s coat to the more subdued periwinkle hue in the background, Klaus stands out as the unmistakable central character in this bold artwork.

Being able to blend the markers gives the smallest details and ultimately brings the entire painting to life. Notice how his hat is shaded just a bit at the top to imitate a shine – that brings in more movement to the piece as the eyes naturally want to glide around the figure to catch all the detail.

Pink Mermaid

Best Alcohol-Based MarkersView in gallery

In another stunning artwork by little-ampharos, the artists use bold and subdued pink hues to create this adorable little mermaid. This artwork would look great in a child’s room, or used as a model to use if a child is particularly interested in mermaids.

Just another great example of just how versatile alcohol-based markers are and all the different types of techniques you can use to create wonderful works of art. While this photo is mostly pink, the hues are bold and light depending on how the artist blended them. You can use the same colored, essentially, if you know how the blend it out correctly to bring in more depth into the work of art.

Christmas Cocktail

Best Alcohol-Based MarkersView in gallery

A glorious piece of art by TanyaTej featuring a delicious looking beverage with a fancy sprig of thyme or rosemary sprouting from the top. This drink looks good enough to taste as the bold colors start to fade toward the top. The more condensed colors lay at the bottom of the drink and the orangey wood colors bring out the subdued colors of the lime wedge.

It’s a truly magnificent piece of art that expertly demonstrates just how versatile these markers are and the types of artwork you can make with them. You can create all kinds of still life paintings or illustrations, and this Christmas Cocktail is a signifier of that.


Best Alcohol-Based MarkersView in gallery

If you love all things space, then alcohol-based markers just might be the best type of marker for you. The deep blues, swirling blacks and delicate sparkling stars within this illustration give you the illusion that you are in deep space watching the cosmos sweep by.

An illustration by kikielzinga that just goes to show you how wonderful these markers are and how you can make so many different types of artwork. Once you put these markers to use toward your specific interests, the possibilities are truly limitless. These markers are also great for kids as they can begin to experiment with what type of art they want to produce and the different kinds of styles they’d like to use.

Bottom Line on Alcohol-Based Markers

As you can see, you can do so much with alcohol-based markers and can produce stunning works of art with ease. From taking advantage of the chisel tip to the fine point tip, you can easily combine sharp and broad strokes within your artwork to make the whole piece pop. We love the large 168 markers set by YOMA because of the multitude of colors and easy to carry traveling case with a strap.

Have you found this article helpful in deciding which marker set would work best for you? If you have any experience with alcohol-based markers, feel free to share your insight in the comments section so that we can all gain some more perspective on these wonderful markers. Be sure to check out our guide to art and activity table sets for more awesome art supply suggestions!