Bella Goldman’s Artistic Apartment

It is white outside at the moment. It is snowing peacefully and everything becomes white as sugar. This is the magic of white season but  this huge white blanket becomes more attractive in combination with other colored items as the green Christmas trees, the colored lights on the streets or the colored houses covered by the white blanket.If we refer to a totally white apartment that you need to decorate some ideas can be useful to you in case you have any.

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You may start with Bella Goldman‘s artistic apartment. Here everything is white from the walls, pieces of furniture, decorative items and even the parquet flooring which has a white wash finish. This white magic land was arranged so beautifully with all kinds of colored accessories which bring color and personality to the whole interior décor.

Bella goldman apartment1

There are colored paintings that cover the walls, funny colored cushions on the sofas, small rugs on the floor which sometimes delimit a certain area. Books of all kinds, beautifully decorated fireplaces and vintage floor candlesticks create an elegant and refined décor.

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The decorative pieces of art, the paintings on the walls, and the multitude of books create an artistic style which dominates every area of this apartment. It is a place filled with culture and artistic accents where you can feel relaxed when you read a book listen to a soft music or create a piece of art. It is joyful place, full of light and brightness which will always inspire you optimism and make you feel dynamic.{found on designattractor}.