Bell Suspension Light

Nowadays there are a lot of different types of lighting fixtures, all kinds of lamps and chandeliers, but the pendant lights are among the most favourite. I guess it has something to do with the fact that we usually get light from the sun and it comes from above our heads and pendant lights are the closest to this idea. Well, I admit pendant lights are my favourite and this nice Bell Suspension Light seems to be really interesting both as design and functionality. First of all it looks like a bell, so the source of inspiration makes you think of churches and religion first and not light and home as one might imagine.

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Ceiling lightView in gallery

Then its design is really unusual, yet attractive, as this pendant has a rather curious lamp shade that is built on the same principle as the old crinoline dresses, with a sleek ribbed structure that gives it a sort of Renaissance air. But it is rather cool and modern at the same time. The dome structure is covered with strips of flame resistant material that is available in four different colours.

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The pendant light was designed in 2012 by Fly Design and now it is made in Italy by Axo Light. You can also choose the size (small or big) and the kind of light bulb you want with it (incandescent, or fluorescent ). It can be purchased now for $799.20 from Y Lighting.