Beautiful Turquoise Interior Design from Cullman & Kravis

All people have their own preferences, their own style, their own taste and their favorite color. Usually when you like a color, you like to buy all sort of things and be surrounded by that color and even wear it, as it represents you. It is definitely the case with these beautiful rooms designed by Cullman & Kravis , where the queen color is obviously turquoise. It is a warm, pleasant color, which seems to have a relaxing and refreshing effect at the same time.

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Not only the color is among the most significant aspects, but it dominates the atmosphere and makes the difference in a house. For example, in the sitting area from the bedroom it provides that serenity we all need at some point, especially in the room where we sleep; the first blue room has an elegant air, the neutral blue looking great, especially when combined with beige furniture.

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There are also other elements, which are important in a house: the big window in the living room is amazing, the details make the difference, no matter it is about the geometric pillows, which give a fresh air to the entire room, the colored lamp that refreshes the brown table.

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All these elements contribute to the general impression, to the entire atmosphere, but the color is the one, which gives life to the place, at least in this house. If the pillows on the sofa are inviting, the turquoise offers that unique peacefulness we all appreciate. Colors not only have a calming effect, but their use is of great inspiration!