Beautiful Room Accessories That can Make Your Home More Wholesome

Nothing ties a room together like some well-chosen accessories. This can be anything from lamps to side tables, accent chairs and wall decor. It’s the accessories and the accent pieces that turn houses into homes and that make rooms feel welcoming and charming. With that mind, we’d like to bounce some ideas off of you today and propose some designs that you might find inspiration in.

Paolo Castelli Flower Vase

An oversized vase placed on the floor next to a stylish bench, a pouf or an accent chair – what a nice combo. We really like the golden accents in this picture. They go great with the dark blue and the smokey grey.

PaoloCastelli armchairs with pillows

Speaking of golden accents, this can be a recurring detail throughout a room’s decor. You can have accent details spread across the room, things like centerpieces, frames and little details on the furniture. It would look glamorous.

Ladder accents and lighting

Here’s a really quirky idea for a reading nook setup. There’s the comfortable seat with accent pillows for extra comfort, with a rope lamp hanging next to it from a ladder-style rack. You can also use this for your books and magazines eliminating the need for a bookmark.

Decorating the walls with mirrors

Mirrors are excellent room accessories. They can be used to reflect certain decor details throughout the room or to aesthetically emphasize certain elements. A cool idea can be to have several mirrors displayed on a wall, like a gallery. They’d fit nicely in the bedroom, just above that stylish dresser of yours.

Glass coffee table home accessories

Glass furniture and glass tables, in particular, are very interesting. They’re great at maintaining an airy and spacious feel throughout a room and at blending in. A glass coffee table can keep the center of the living room looking open while still being as practical as ever.

Floor lamps to accent a wall

Lighting is very important and there are a lot of cool ways to create interesting visual effects using things like lamps and backlit mirrors. The secret is to create a pleasant and cozy ambiance without making it too obscure.

Dining table decorated with diff vasesView in gallery

There are various decorating tricks that you can apply to every single room of the house. In the dining room for example you can have a very simple table surrounded by colorful and diverse chairs. Another idea is to cluster a bunch of different things on the table to create a unique centerpiece.

Bedroom nighstand decorated with glass vasesView in gallery

For the bedroom we suggest paying attention to things like the nightstands and the headboard. These can have a big impact on the overall design and decor of the room. How about a stylish bedside table instead of a bulky nightstand? That would sure look glamorous.

Green chairs and plants behindView in gallery

Color is also a very powerful thing in the interior design universe. Just look how amazing all these different shades of yellow, green and of course black and white look. They bring out the best in each other.

Decorated the shelves with booksView in gallery

Open shelves are incredibly versatile and in many cases it’s not the shelves themselves that stand out but their contents. In this case there are glass dividers which create different shelf sections. They’re barely noticeable but also very practical.

Round mirrors and different lightsView in gallery

When we talked about mirrors and how they can be used to make a room look amazing this is what we had in mind. Decorate the walls with large mirrors which reflect your beautiful light fixtures or your favorite furniture pieces.

Sools for extra seatingView in gallery

Textures and patterns are as important as color. These should always be balanced out to avoid making a room seem too austere, too cluttered or too boring. Things like area rugs, curtains and accent pillows can be used to introduce color, pattern and texture into a space in different amounts.

Floor lamps for more lightView in gallery

Of course, you can always count on a stylish lounge chair to look exquisite and to stand out, whether you put the spotlight on it or not. This might just be the perfect setup for a cozy and glamorous reading corner.