Beautiful and Minimalist Apartment Design by Neopolis

Simple, beautiful and comfortable are the three words which describe this beautiful minimalist apartment design.It is a small apartment, located in Slovakia and designed by Studio Neopolis. It is an apartment which is perfect for a small family or a single person who does not need too much space but who can feel really nice and comfortable here.

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Although it is small, it looks really spacious. There are few pieces of furniture and few decorations. The owner of this apartment, a single young man requested the designers to create a simple design based on colors like black, red, white and grey where the furniture and decorations should be reduced to minimum.

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The use of colors, the way the pieces of furniture and the decorations are arranged seem symmetric and create the idea of space.

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Although everything is minimal, it is a practical, elegant and simple apartment design which can offer you a beautiful and comfortable ambience.