Barbie Princess Room from Doimo Cityline

Pink, pink and on top of than even more pink. I like how sound of that. Here is a furniture collection made by Doimo Cityline, leader in bedroom manufacture in Italy for barbie princess. The pink barbie princess is available in 4 different kinds of rooms: Diamond, Glam, Gloss and Romantik. No offense but there is too much pink . Also if the pink is not enough for you there is a possibility to decorate things with Swarovski crystals .That might be a little too much for a small girl.

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I personally hate pink. It’s probably the most annoying color ever. But that’s not how the little girls think. At that age, pink is the most amazing color ever. There’s never enough pink. They have pink walls, pink furniture, pink clothes, pink toys, pink everything. For the parents it could be annoying, but that’s what your little girl wants, this is what she gets. You’ll have to understand and deal with it.

There are several options presented here, all of them having in common what else than the pink color. The bedrooms are designed having Barbie as the focal theme. So if your girl is a Barbie fan, then take a look at these options.