Balloon Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo

People have always envied birds for their ability to fly. And because we, humans, can’t fly with our own wings, we have looked for other means that make it possible. So we invented planes and helicopters and hot air balloons – every thing that can take us in the air and make us fly. Well, kids are just little people, so they want to fly, too, and the best thing you can do for them is make their dream come true. You simply need to buy a Balloon Ceiling Fan by Monte Carlo for them and then fix it on the ceiling in their room. This way they will imagine everything and “fly” with this painted balloon in a kaleidoscope of colours.

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This is not just a ceiling fan; it is also combined with an interior light bulb that casts light and makes the outer glass balloon fill with light and then spread the beautiful colours on the walls. There is one lower glass diffuser and one upper glass diffuser for a more spectacular visual effect. The four blades of the fan are coloured in red, yellow, blue and orange and when they rotate you can almost see the rainbow up there. The reversible motor can be adjusted to rotate the blades at three different speeds and also rotate both ways. The fan works with three 40 Watt 120 Volt candelabra base incandescent lamps and can be purchased for $175.10 from Lumens.