The Most Authentic Barbecue Restaurant Outside America

Barbecue restaurants aren’t the type to overflow with elegance and sophistication. They’re meant to be casual and simple, even rustic and with a sense of familiarity. This is the design direction chosen by Jordan Littler when creating the look for Red’s True Barbecue.

Red's True Barbecue building

This is the seventh Red’s restaurant and it had to stand out, hence the theme and the style. It was designed by an independent consultancy studio with 13 years of experience. they’re specialized in creating interior that excite them and inspire their clients, with a focus on contemporary design solutions tailored to each user’s needs, in the area of restaurants, bars and hotels.

Red's True Barbecue entryway industrial accents

Red's True Barbecue dining area

The new barbecue restaurant is located in Sheffield, England and the inspiration for this whole theme and design comes from the neighborhood’s strong musical heritage. The designers wanted to bring here the authentic atmosphere from the streets of Austin, Texas.

Red's True Barbecue authentic wall writing

Red's True Barbecue wall decoration

The main priority was creating something authentic and introducing a neighborhood feel into the restaurant. This place had to connect with the people, alluring them to enter with a familiar look reminiscent of barbecues at grandma’s house.

Red's True Barbecue vintage booth

Red's True Barbecue vintage chairs

The restaurant spread over two floors and the style chosen for both its interior and exterior is a combination of rustic and industrial with a few steampunk accents. Simple materials, worn finishes and smokey colors define all the spaces inside.

Red's True Barbecue wooden tables

Red's True Barbecue bar area

The interior décor is also a little bit theatrical, featuring strong contrasts and eye-catching decorations. The wooden floors are decorated with traditional area rugs, the walls have a musky green look, the furniture is vintage and the walls are decorated with bright signs, framed paintings and the occasional patterned wallpaper.

Red's True Barbecue bar shelves

Red's True Barbecue wall painting

Everything here is very casual. The old wooden doors that conceal the bathrooms have “male” and “female” casually written with a black sharpie pen on them. The lighting fixtures are old and ornate just like those grandma used to have. Nothing here is perfectly aligned or organized.

Red's True Barbecue traditional rug

Red's True Barbecue interior decor

An interesting feature is a door behind a bookcase. it’s the type of hidden door everyone used to look for in old houses as a kid. The vintage bookcase opens to reveal the bathroom corridor.

Red's True Barbecue secret door

Red's True Barbecue bathroom door

The ambiance inside is very cozy and inviting and, as the wiring on the walls says, this is the most authentic BBQ outside America. It’s definitely a place worth visiting and a wonderful restaurant that stands out by ignoring high standards and adopting a more laid-back style instead.

Red's True Barbecue staircase

Red's True Barbecue framed painting