An Apartment Inspired By Art And Iconic Furniture

Every home is infused with the style and particularities of those living in it. Someone with an exuberant an artistic personality has the opportunity to come up with a lot of creative and exclusive ideas. A good example is this apartment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Its owner is an art collector who loves strong colors and the apartment was redesigned to match his style.

Colorful apartment in Brazil living room view
Colorful apartment in Brazil living room view of city

The transformation was a challenging project by 2arquitectos, a studio founded in 2006 by two architects with similar attitudes and ideas towards their work. Their practice has a multidisciplinary approach, always working with diverse partners to ensure the best solutions for each individual project.

Colorful apartment in Brazil three pivot doors
Colorful apartment in Brazil pivot doors

The studio’s constant interest in research and study regarding technological innovations allows them to always be up to date and to make sure their clients receive the best treatment. In the case of this colorful apartment, the focus was on the overall ambiance and the small details.

Colorful apartment in Brazil window blinds
Colorful apartment in Brazil entryway sculpture

The apartment had to be completely modified in order to obtain the desired layout and design. After all the transformations, the apartment now features a built-in kitchen and large rooms where the owner’s art collection is displayed.

Colorful apartment in Brazil iconic bench
Colorful apartment in Brazil living area

A set of three large pivot doors was custom-designed specifically for this apartment. They separate the entrance hallway from the living area and bathroom. This was an exclusive design and the inspiration came from the design of the Marquesa bench by Oscar Niemeyer.

Colorful apartment in Brazil living room lighting
Colorful apartment in Brazil living room lounge

The pivot doors and the bench are made from the same materials and feature the same colors. The actual bench is also part of the apartment’s interior design, being placed at the entrance together with a beautiful sculpture and other art pieces on pedestals or displayed on the walls.

Colorful apartment in Brazil social area colors

Colorful apartment in Brazil colorful artwork in living area

The overall interior design of this unique apartment is definitely infused with strong and beautiful colors. In addition to all the paintings showcased on the wall, the rooms are also decorated with Oriental rugs that bring even more color and interesting patterns into the space.

Colorful apartment in Brazil green kitchen
Colorful apartment in Brazil kitchen dining area

Iconic furniture pieces are spread throughout the rooms, emphasizing the artistic nature of the interior design and distraction the attention away from the apartment’s low ceilings throughout. The lighting in all the rooms is designed to complement the décor and to create a pleasant ambiance, highlighting the accent pieces.

Colorful apartment in Brazil dining room

Large windows offer a panoramic view of the city which can be admired from the living areas. Horizontal blinds ensure privacy when needed and filter the natural light for an optimal look and atmosphere.

Colorful apartment in Brazil bedroom artwork
Colorful apartment in Brazil bedroom wallpaper

The kitchen is a separate space defined by a palette of apple green limestone, white and brown. The colors balance and complement each other beautifully and give the room a fresh and organic look. A small table with a round top and four classic chairs form an intimate dining area by the kitchen island.

Colorful apartment in Brazil study desk
Colorful apartment in Brazil study console table

A symphony of colors and patterns defines the bedrooms. Elegant beds are complemented by area rugs, colored curtains and accent furniture, wallpaper and artwork that ensures a distinguished ambiance.

Colorful apartment in Brazil red bathroom

The bathrooms have their own personality, being characterized by strong colors or retro accents.

Colorful apartment in Brazil retro bathroom vanity
Colorful apartment in Brazil retro bathroom