Argento Vivo kitchens by Ged Cucine

As we’ve mentioned numerous times, functionality and space-efficiency are very important in the case of any kitchen. However, style and looks are important as well. For example, adding a little to the kitchen is often a wonderful idea. Color can completely change the atmosphere in a room. A white kitchen has a very clean and pure look but it’s not very practical. Moreover, a bold color is great as the kitchen is a social space with a dynamic atmosphere.

Gedcucine kitchen argento vivo 01View in gallery

Designed by Roberto Pezzetta, this modern kitchen is quite special and not just because of the color. It’s called Argento Vivo and it won the Good Design Award in 2009. The design of the kitchen is unusual but very beautiful. The soft forms and delicate lines give it a wonderful look and plenty of character. What’s interesting is also the choice of materials. The kitchen has a design that takes great advantage of the physical properties of the materials. Glass and aluminum have been beautifully combined.

Gedcucine kitchen argento vivo 01

Gedcucine kitchen argento vivo 01

The Argento Vivo also has a sculptural form. The lean and long lines and curved glass cabinets create a very harmonious look. The circular glass dining table with LED illumination is also a very sleek and eye-catching detail. As you can see, the design of this kitchen is very compact and minimalist. Even though not visible, there’s plenty of storage space along all the necessary features. The design of this kitchen is available in a range of colors and it’s customizable as well.