Another kind of Rubik’s Cube

When you think of Rubik’s Cube, evidently the original piece comes in mind. And when someone tells you about a Rubik’s Cube table you imagine the same thing, but bigger. It’s not the same thing with this one.

Original rubiks cube tableView in gallery

This unusual table was created by Oscar van Deventer, a designer from Netherlands. What is unusual and different from the original about this table is that each side of the cube is made of 1539 parts. It sounds exaggerated but it’s true. If the original Rubik’s Cube had this many parts I doubt someone you have ever solved it. The fun thing about this table is that it’s a very versatile piece. It can be used as a coffee table, side table, even as a chair. And the interesting part is just coming: when you’re not using it as a table or chair, you can just play with it and try to solve it. It’s not like you could, but you can still try.

Original rubiks cube table 1 554x415

It’s a remarkable piece, different from what I have expected, but still fun. What is not fun is the $1,691 price. However it’s a really detailed piece and it provides both fun and a place to sit on or a coffee or side table. So it’s like buying three pieces when you actually purchase just one. And it comes with a bonus that is the Rubik’s Cube-inspired design.