An unexpected but very pleasant mix of styles in a Manhattan apartment

This two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft can be found in Noho, Manhattan, New york. It’s a spacious apartment with a huge living area. But it’s not just the size that caught our eye. This place also features a very interesting interior design. The mix of styles is somewhat unexpected. It’s not a typical modern New York apartment and this allows it to gain character and personality.

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There are many things to be said about this place so let’s start with the kitchen. The exposed brick walls are definitely a very interesting feature. The black accent wall introduces a very different type of look but, combined, these influences meet in the center in the form of simple furniture with wooden countertops and stainless steel appliances.

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The wooden floor also has an unusual look and a texture that makes this space feel warmer. The living area is huge. As a result, it was easy o delimitate specific areas with different functions. The dining area is also integrated in this space.

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A casual sitting area occupies a corner of the living zone. It’s a space that has two white sofas complemented by a very comfortable bench, a vintage side table that was actually originally a trunk and some comfy cushions casually thrown on the floor.

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The large black columns and beams define this space as industrial-styled while the rest of the features make it seem more like a home. The bedrooms are the simplest rooms of this apartment. Mostly white, they have beautiful vintage accents in the form of chic armchairs or dressers.{found on site}.