Fall And Winter Wreaths You Can Make With Acorns

Acorns are cute and not just because squirrels eat them. They’re great in a lot of other ways. For example, they can be used in a lot of interesting DIY projects. Wreaths are one option. An acorn wreath would look lovely on the front door or pretty much anywhere else. This can be your first fall project, although acorn wreaths can also be a great winter decoration. Let’s now see how you can make one.

colorful acorn wreath

If you want to make a wreath similar to the one on madeeveryday you’re going to need lots of acorns, a floral wreath and a hot glue gun. If you don’t have acorns you could also use nuts or even wooden beads for a similar look. After you’ve gathered your acorns, clean and bake them to get rid of any creatures that might live inside. Then take the wreath and start gluing your acorns on it one by one. This will take a long time so don’t plan anything for the next hour or so. If you want you can also spray paint the wreath once all the acorns are glued on.

To give the wreath a rustic look, you could decorate it with a burlap bow. You should have a look at the tutorial provided on consumercrafts to find out more tips and ideas. If you want to make a wreath like the one featured there you’ll need small acorns, a grapevine wreath, a glue gun, gold glimmer mist, burlap fabric and some double-sided tape. Glue the acorns to the wreath and then add a bit of gold mist for shine. Make a burlap bow and glue it in place.

cool acorn fall wreath

Acorns are not your only option. If you want, you can mix a few more things such as nut shells, coffee beans and even some tiny pine cones. Glue them to a wreath form and make sure they’re evenly distributed. You can then wrap some twine around the wreath, making small bows in various place. The design is described on livemaster along with a small tutorial for the project.

acorn cap wreath tutorial

In case you want to use the acorns for something else, you could just use the caps for the wreath. You’ll need a foam wreath and lots of acorn caps plus some glue. Decide on a wreath form and then start pushing the acorn caps into it using glue to secure them in place. You could do a staggered pattern as shown on sweetsomethingdesign. At the end you can also sprinkle some glitter onto the wreath if you want.

cozy small fall wreath

Don’t need a big wreath? You could make a cute and small one. The one featured on findingsilverpennies should be just what you need. To make this cute wreath you’ll need an embroidery hoop, some acorns, a hot glue gun, some metallic paint and some ribbon. Apply paint to the embroidery hoop and let it dry. Then start arranging and gluing the acorns to its surface. Then paint the acorns as well using the same type of paint.

diy acorn craft

You can find more creative ideas for other acorn projects on craftionary. Wreaths are only one option. You could also use acorns to decorate a mirror frame, to make flower decorations, artwork you can display on walls, candle holders and lots of other great things. You can also improvise and come up with your own ideas.