Amazing Project for Enea Garden Design

This is a top class headquarter office of well known architecture company – Enea Garden Design. The amazing structure is situated near the shores of Obersee, Switzerland. Elegant and discreet wooden volume house blends perfectly with the mesmerizing natural environment.

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Different areas provisioned in the structure are showrooms, workshops, warehouses, administrative areas, and green houses. In addition, these areas are connected through a long service corridor which runs along the entire building. Environment friendly materials are used in the construction of the building in order to make the building energy efficient.


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The landscape is absolutely breathtaking. It’s one of the most beautiful locations in the world. This building is actually a very large structure, with a very simple rectangular shape. Not very impressive at a first look.  But you can find inside is the real treasure. It’s a collection of different little structures connected between them. It’s like a labyrinth in there, but a very well organized one. I really like this environment-friendly structure. But the amazing landscape will always be focal point of attraction. It’s not easy to take your eyes off that incredible image. The bright colors are stunning. It’s such a beautiful image, with those beautiful trees in front and the amazing larger picture that is painted behind them. It’s something that you can’t compete with.{ Oppenheim Architecture + Design }