Aiji Inoue Coffee Shop Interior Design by Doyle Collection

This beautiful artistic space was design by the Doyle Collection. It is located in a hotel in Kagoshima,Japan. I think we all love to drink out coffee in a place that makes us feel relaxed, because everybody wants to start the new day with their right foot. Aiji Inoue was finished in October 2011 and it has a 161.9 square meters.

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The place has 75 seats that are perfectly arranged for a perfect time. Aiji Inoue coffee shop is situated on the first floor of the high-grade hotel built in the shopping quarter ‘Tenmonkan’ inKagoshima.Japanis one of the fast growing countries in the whole world, especially when we talk about architectural things. The operator said ‘Create new design and Collaborate with famous bakery in the local district’. The bakery combined with the coffee is a way of attracting many people. The Aiji Inoue achieved a synergetic effect more than we have expected.

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Let’s talk about the design. Well this place looks just amazing. With a very modern design the place is talking for itself. The chairs are arranged beautifully and the brown color is just amazing and in the same time relaxing. I am sure that I will feel exactly like home in this amazing space. With paintings and decorations that makes the place very cozy you will certainly feel the same way. If you have the time to visit Japan you should drink your morning coffee in this lovely place!{found on archdaily and pics by Nacasa & Partners}.