Adjustable outdoor lounge bed by Usona Home

You like spending time outside but you wish you also had a comfortable bed for that too? Don’t worry, Usona Home is here to make your dream come true. Take a look at this unique lounge bed. That’s right, it’s a lounge bed, not a lounge chair. This immediately changed everything. The comfort level is increasing and so does the user’s satisfaction.

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The lounge bed is available in three different sizes so you can choose the one you like best or the one that better fits the space available. Also, the bed can be customized in six different colors. The most important piece in this design is he 360 degree adjustable sun shade. Without this, it would be just a simple bed that you decided to place outside. The sun shade has the unique characteristic of being adjustable so you can place on any side of the bed in order to get the protection you need. With a lounge bed like this one there’s no need to ever go inside.

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This modern piece might be beautiful and elegant, but it’s also resistant. The lounge bed is upholstered with water repellent and UV resistant fabric. The sun is powerless against this lounge bed. Still, you might want to put some sun cream on just in case you fall asleep. It’s actually likely to happen, given how comfortable and soft this lounge bed is.