Add A Chic Touch To Your Home With These DIY Sconces

Sconces are light fixtures which are installed on the wall and only use this structure for support. The light is usually directed upwards but this is not necessarily a defining characteristic. Wall sconces come in various shapes and sizes. They vary from the traditional torch to more modern fixtures. They are commonly used on hallways or corridors. A DIY sconce would definitely add style and character to your home.

Industrial wall sconce.

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This wall sconce was not actually built from scratch. It’s more of a makeover project. The sconce has a metal structure made of brass. It was painted and the shade was replaced. Now it has a rustic and also chic look and it’s a lovely sconce to have on the hallway.{found on designsponge}.

Stone sconce.

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This is a wall sconce that you can craft by yourself from beginning to end. You start with 2 pieces of thick wood. The size is variable. Then you apply glue to the small bottom piece and secure the L brackets. After that you just glue the stones one by one. You can place a candle on the sconce or a votive.{found on stardust-decorstyle}.

Wood wall sconce.

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This is also a chic wall sconce. It has a more traditional look and an elegant design but the mason jar gives it a casual touch. The sconce is white so it blends in more or less. The candle and the floral ornament allow the sconce to also add a romantic touch to the décor of the room.{found on shanty-2-chic}.

Metal sconce.

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This wall sconce is perfect for the bedroom and for reading. You can make a similar one from a bathroom mirror, a chrome-dipped bulb and colorful cording. It’s a design that’s easy to make and also versatile. The sconce extends so you can adjust it if you want to read or if you just need light in the background.{found on manhattan-nest}.

Cable lamp.

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This is also a wall sconce that’s very easy to make. It has a very simple design and it’s quite versatile as you can include it in both traditional and modern decors. You’ll need textile cable, rack mounts, a shelf and a bulb. You can find most of the supplies at the hardware store. You can spray paint the shelf to make it black and you can choose a bold color for the cord.{found on fingerfabrik}.