Absolutely Exquisite White Apartment

This extremely exquisite and attractive house is situated in Strand and has immense space and is very airy, making it very comfortable to stay. The windows of the house are large which ensure adequate natural light in the house. The French double doors and the high ceilings give a stylish and beautiful look for the house.

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The white pigmented wooden flooring of the house and the picture rails add more grace to the house making it very attractive. The living room of the house has ample space for a sofa and a dining table and is very airy and well lit with lot of natural light. The bedrooms have wardrobes providing storage and open to the courtyard.

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The bathrooms are spacious and have bathrooms and have white tiles with windows. The bathrooms of the house are very tastefully done. The most important of any house, the kitchen also has a lot of capacity for storing and is also white and done up in a stylish way. There are coat hangers in the welcoming and good looking hallway of the house. The house has a great location and is well connected to the other parts of the city with bus and metro.{found on objektdata}