A very spacious apartment in Linnaeus featuring a charming interior

There are lots of interesting things that you can do with a small apartment but, most of the times, a larger one would be better. A dream apartment usually looks somewhat like this. It’s spacious, inviting, bright and it has a charming interior. This apartment can be found in Linnaeus and it’s a perfect family-home. With a total floor space of 70 square meters, this apartment is just what a normal family would need.

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The apartment has two spacious bedrooms, a large bathroom, a very nice and open kitchen and a wonderful living room. In addition, the balcony is also a very nice feature and it can be accessed from the kitchen/dining room. The kitchen and the dining room share the same space. The design is simple, with most of the furniture placed against the wall for a cohesive look. There’s also plenty of storage space, most of it hidden. The living room is a large space and it’s separated from the master bedroom through folding doors.

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In the living room the décor is very open, airy and casual. The accent wall is wallpapered but it still remains within the same calm and simple influence that dominates the whole apartment. The large windows let in lots of natural light while the white furniture and accent features highlight this detail. Both bedrooms are cozy and inviting and share a similar décor. They have plenty of storage and beautiful pastel walls.