A Typical Brazilian House by Apiacas Architects

All the people who know how a Brazilian house looks like will say that Juranda House fits perfectly in the pattern. There is no wonder that you find yourself in this realistic house, Brazilian architecture being known as one of the best in the world. Located in Sao Paolo, Brazil,  it was intended to be a transparent house in order to create a connection with the outside;  this way resulted the openings at the front and at the back of the house.The house was designed by Apiacás Arquitetos and it’s the perfect example of a brazilian house.

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The building is smaller than you would expect, with a simple design and character, but it seems to fit perfectly in the context. It is made of different materials: prefabricated concrete, steel, bricks in ceramic blocks covered in white, it has limited dimensions, but it is still a lovely house. The real wood burning fireplace gives that cozy feeling and the combination of refined and rough makes everything more interesting.

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The doors are solid; the large glass windows open to the entrance garden, offering a great view over the entire city.The open floor plan incorporates a wide variety of dynamic spaces that invite you in. Once you enter this modern place, you feel welcome and you have that sensation of being in a mid-century house.

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There is a permanent mixture of refined and rough things, for example the modern armchair and the wooden table or the wooden stairs that connect the two floors. The bookshelves and the decorative objects reveal the personality of the owner. It is an appropriate example of a Brazilian house!