A TV stand made from a Porsche

This is a piece of furniture that was designed for auto lovers. Auto enthusiasts are usually interested in more than just cars and they would definitely love this unique piece. It’s a TV stand that was made from the rear of a Porsche. There are lots of similar designs such as auto sculptures, unconventional auto-inspired furniture or the X-series gas grills from Porsche Design Group.

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This custom TV stand is made from genuine Porsche models. The series includes 996 TV display centers made out of the rear of Porsche models. You would only have to press one button and the rear-end Porsche artwork will transform into a beautiful and original entertainment center. The TV stand features a built-in 42 inch LCD TV and an electric sunroof that is placed below the TV set. It’s perfect for storing DVD players or boxes.

The unit is also customizable. You can choose the color scheme that you want and since the TV stand is made of real Porsche models the realism is not a problem. It has rear taillights, a sunroof and rear spoiler lamp, plus the detailing is amazing. It’s a perfect piece for an auto lover. And if you want to add some similar pieces to your décor, you can take a look at the Art Ball & Egg furniture set and the NASCAR furniture collection. There are also several other beautiful choices and you can find some of them in our articles.{found on Autoblog}