A Stylish Industrial Loft

The first time we hear the words “industrial loft”, we do not have an exact picture in our mind, at least I do not have, as I do not know exactly what to expect. However, after seeing the pictures of the place, I changed my mind and I agreed that an industrial loft could definitely mean: modernity, creativity, elegance, style.

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In his intention of creating an open free space, the Ando-Studio, totally succeeded and the result is a very satisfactory one. We do not expect too much from an industrial space, but analyzing it, we see that beyond the appearance there is more, for example, a lot of attention was paid to details. The open space creates a pleasant atmosphere and every little thing around contributes to the feeling of finding yourself  in an authentic place, full of life and movement, which offers a sort of continuity.

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The entire environment makes a very good impression thanks to the books, photos and everything art stands for. The large windows provide natural light, another very important aspect; while the materials used (wood, metal, glass and leather) prove quality and good taste.

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The combination of colors – from tans to navy blue – creates a special mood. There are all kinds of elements that give a mark of originality and personality to the entire house: the paintings, the way the books are arranged, the statues, the colorful vegetables in the kitchen; all these give life and delight the eyes.