A small, white apartment with black accents and modern furniture

Located in the heart of Linnaeus, this small but charming apartment has just been renovated. It was a complete makeover and the new interior décor is very elegant and classy. This beautiful turn of the century apartment has a black and white interior, a classical and stylish combination that has been maintained throughout the rooms.The apartment measures 48 square meters and includes a lovely white kitchen, a living room with plaster walls, a stylish tiled bathroom, a large walk-in closet and two balconies.

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The walls are white throughout and the floors have a light finish. The recessed spotlights contribute to the overall modern and simple look. The entrance features a rustic door that then leads to the bright living area. The hallway also has white walls and it features a strong contrast with the dark matt grey tiles on the floor. The hall leads to the walk-in closet where there is lots of space for storing clothing and much more. It features plenty of drawers and shelves so that everything can be arranged properly.

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The living area is part of an open floor plan. It has white walls and rice floors and it includes a sofa, armchair and a media unit. One of the walls in this room is whitewashed and gives the whole space a rustic and inviting feel. The kitchen is spacious and has plenty of storage spaces and workspaces. It features white cabinets in contrast with black details and light grey floors. It’s been equipped with everything necessary. The wall opposite to the kitchen leads to the two balconies.{found on alvhemmakleri}.