A Seasonal Cleaning Schedule: What To Do When {Part 1}

Cleaning the gutters, dusting the ceiling fans, going through the boxes in the attic … there are some chores you just don’t do every week. We all know about spring cleaning, but is there a such thing as fall, winter or summer cleaning and maintenance? The answer is, of course! There are big jobs for every season of the year. And we part 1 of the seasonal cleaning schedule right here. Take a look and start jotting down some notes so you’ll be ready!


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Organize the cupboards, cabinets and pantries. Check expiration dates and clean the nooks and crannies!

Put away the comforters and grab the light blankets. It’s getting too hot for all those layers.

Clean out the basement and the attic … and have a garage sale! You’ll have some extra cash for vacation now.

Make sure sure your dehumidifier is working!

Fall .

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It’s time to flip the mattress and wash the pillows! Get rid of any pollen leftover from summer that may have gotten into those pillows.

Have your carpets cleaned, change your doormats and air out the rugs on a crisp, fall day.

Clean your shower curtains and change your shower liners. You’ll be surprised how refreshing this will make everyone feel.

Wipe down all the faucets and drains! Get all that scum up and away that’s been sitting.


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It’s time to clean out the gutters! Get all the grass and bugs out of there.

Clean up the lawn before everything dies down. Make sure the grass is cut one final time, weeds are pulled and the garden is tidied up before the cold weather hits.

Sweep out and straighten up the garage. You won’t be out there much when the snow starts falling and once the sun comes back out, you don’t want to go back into a messy garage.

Inspect the furnace. You’ll need it over the holidays, make sure it’s working for the warmth and the safety.


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Check the gutters and make sure they’re draining correctly before April showers hit.

Inspect the roof and make sure all the shingles are there and ready to protect you during any spring storms.

Have your gas, and HVAC checked and make sure everything is still in proper working order.
Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Dust the house from top to bottom, ceiling fans to behind the couch! That dust doesn’t need to be there when your allergies start.